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What people are saying about Helen
continued from...Meet Helen
Helen was very calm, professional and very easy to work with, as she floated around our home and took her notes. She explained a few areas that needed a bit more attention...and followed up with a summary of her recommendations. We haven't implemented EVERYTHING just yet...but with the changes we did make, I must admit that our luck seems to be shifting into a more positive direction.
Right away, I felt more comfortable in my home.  A few days later, we seemed to notice strange and happy coincidences surrounding us.  I just KNOW there is something going on. I don't know exactly how it all works...all I know is that we are living more happily, with less clutter, and getting good news much more than usual (eg: our son got an ideal job by a funny coincidence...people are coming into my life, that I feel I have asked the Universe to bring to me & are helping me with my goals and projects). I feel  closer to my spouse. Money seems to be flowing more easily toward me. I feel less stressed than usual.
I can confidently say that our quality of life as a family has improved after having Helen with her wonderful skills and  beautiful spirit do our Feng Shui Consultation. I highly recommend her!
E.V. Hopper/Mississauga, ON
Stephanie Clark has recommended your work as Feng Shui Consultant at Madame Feng Shui.
Dear Helen,
Recommendation on LinkedIn.
Details of the Recommendation: "From the moment Helen entered my home, I felt at ease to discuss and relate to her what my concerns were...and how we could resolve the outstanding issues I was having ...she was warm, inviting and full of knowledge that she then shared lovingly with me...I continue to draw on the teachings she has left with me. I have also shared her gratitude stones with dozens of friends from around the world."
Service Category: Feng Shui Consultant
Year first hired: 2012
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
On 2012-10-28, at 4:36 AM, ajlamorre@yahoo.com wrote:
Helen, below is my testimonial.
I had the privilege of having Helen Peacock come to my home to give me a Feng Shui Consultation! She walked me through my home using her intuition and expertise and pointed out many improvements that I could make without costing me much money to implement.  The two areas that resonated most with me were the "romance" and "career" section.   I have to say that I was so excited when she was done that I got started immediately!   It's been four months since Helen was at my home and I am amazed at the difference I'm experiencing. My husband and I have been married for 20 years and the fire has been relit ;) SERIOUSLY! .  His  home office and the changes that were made, we found that business has increased this quarter by 25%  Did it work? You bet! Would I have Helen back? Absolutely!  Thanks Helen!
Amanda LaMorre home owner and special education teacher in Missisauga Ontario.
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Kind words from Tricia, The Marketing Chefs
The art of Feng Shui  comes to life with Helen’s cheery and positive disposition. A tour of my home and life in a matter of a few hours provides unique insights that support balance and harmony. To enhance flow and a greater understanding of things that can block your receiving, a little time with Helen gives you the necessary perspective and tools to attract and achieve your heart’s desire.  Tricia Ryan
Why Feng Shui? …..Bringing Balance To Your Life

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