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Orgonic Transmuters
Your Environment
On a daily basis, most people are exposed to EMFs generated by household wiring, lighting, and any electrical appliance that plugs into the wall, including hair dryers, vacuum cleaners and toasters. In the workplace, common sources of EMFs include computers, air purifiers, photocopiers, fax machines, fluorescent lights, electric heaters, and electric tools in machine shops, such as drills, power saws, lathes and welding machines. On our bodies we hold or carry wireless technology such as remote controls, cell-phones, Bluetooth devices, ipods and GPS monitors. Externally we are surrounded by power lines , cell-phone towers and transformer boxes.
All of these emits a frequency, an electromagnetic  field that over time could cause dis-ease, or other health issues. To help reduce these fields a scientist by the name of Dr. Wilhelm Reich invented the “Orgone Energy”.
Brief History
Dr. Reich found that energy is emitted by all living things, and can be found all around us. By inventing the Orgon he found that it attracted and accumulated energy. He discovered that the Orgonic Transmuters will help clean and transform the energy into a healthy balanced state. It also takes the non-beneficial energies and transmutes them into positive beneficial energies which is then emitted into our surroundings creating an enhanced environment.
Each Orgonic Transmuter (Pyramids) are made up of metals such as Bronze, Iron and Titanium. They are suspended within polyester resin with gold-plated Neodymium (rare earth) magnet, an Egyptian Royal Cubit length copper coil and various crystals.
Actual Aura Imaging
orgonic transmuter
Evidence displaying Higher Frequency Energy emitting from an Orgonic Transmuter
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