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  Meet Helen
spiritual connections
I have always been Intuitive but not always trusting what was given. When I was young I always had a feeling that I was surrounded by loved ones and other spiritual beings and did not understand. These moments happened when I was mostly alone and feeling sad. Yes I did have a challenging childhood but I know that I needed to go through those challenges to help me where I am today.
I started studying Energy Work when my Grandmother (who was also gifted and my great aunt) had passed away in 2001. She had passed her gift on to me, and then many doors started opening. Trusting that I had to step through these doors and that this was my calling as I followed my heart and the nudges from my loved ones. I began to explore by reading books and attending many workshops. Then I was prompted to seek teachings from professional local Mediums then advanced with  Tutors from Author Findlay College in England. The course I took there was called "Evidentual Mediumship". One of my favourite Tutors, Andy Byng (from AFC) was the one who told me that I would be doing "Group Readings" and "Platform Readings". My immediate thoughts were "there is no way". Today I have done many "Groups" and many validations were made and my confidence and TRUST grew more and more. I have had many clients tell me they have healed and received closure knowing that their loved ones are okay and still visits them.
Platform Reading
Platform readings are large groups for charity functions and various community groups and organizations. My next "Platform Readings" will be at the Niagara Towers Hotel in Niagara Falls, ON. Scheduled for May 29th, 2014
Feng Shui
Feng Shui (wind/water) is built around energy. The energy in the wind and flowing water all contribute to the energy around us and to the energy inside us. During my many years of studying Yoga, Mediumship and Holistic Therapy, Feng Shui would be talked about in conversation from time to time. Twelve years later I had an epiphany. I made some subtle changes to my home based on Feng Shui Principles and my life got better. Within days I started seeing positive changes come into my life and for my family as well. I realized then that there really is something to this and that’s when I decided to become a consultant  through “The Canadian Schools of Feng Shui".  After reading every book I could get my hands on, my passion  became so strong that even my teacher Sharon Hays had asked me to become her Assistant. My heart has been singing ever since.
bagua principles
For many years I have had the passion for helping others with healing from within and now I can  help with  their environment as well.  I love knowing that I can now combine both worlds internally & externally and this is the balance we need in our lives.  I call this “Coming Full Circle”.

I have always trusted that everything will unfold as it should.
You’re body is your Home your Home is your body. There is no place like Home.
Feng Shui captures and guides the Chi (energy) in our environment and enhances our lives, our being.
Why Feng Shui? …..Bringing Balance To Your Life
Testimonial for Helen Peacock's Feng Shui Consultation: September 2012
I had no idea what to expect when I hired Helen to come to my home, to Feng Shui it. All I knew was that the Chinese consider this practice as importantly as they consider their foundation in constructing their buildings...so I knew there was something to it. I believe it's important to keep our minds open to other realities...and not just have a narrow focus on the beliefs we were raised with. I am SO glad that I did!
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