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Little Little Daily Inspirations
Packaged in a beautiful pop-up handle box for your little ones. Each card is 4X3 and beautifully illustrated (with animals) in full color, gloss laminated with die-cut corners  for durability.

These “Little Daily Inspiration Cards” were created for our little ones but can also help bring out your inner child . By placing these cards in your Creative/Children’s section in your home you will enhance your creative juices and a bring a Fun way of communicating with your children.
As a family (or just for yourself) simply face the cards down and choose a card to set their intention for the day. At the end of the day (dinner time)  you come together and share how each person implemented their card. By doing this daily, you are planting seeds to help create a better tomorrow for our magical children of today. A FUN way to bring communication into your home.

A great tool for Teachers and Care Givers.
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