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Testimonial, Oct. 2012
"It's been four months since Helen was at my home and I am amazed at the difference I'm experiencing. My husband and I have been married for 20 years and the fire has been relit ;) SERIOUSLY! . His home office and the changes that were made, we found that business has increased this quarter by 25% Did it work? You bet! Would I have Helen back? Absolutely!
Thanks Helen!"
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Energy and Balance
Feng Shui is about energy and balance. It's about removing harmful blocks that make your environment stagnant and harmful. It is not simply a belief, but seeing how Feng Shui principles change where you live and at work is the proof. It is a proven science and shows good results. It is not a fad since it has lasted through the test of time. Thousands of years ago, a culture in China had examined their environment and found ways to improve and bring abundance into the home and your place of work.

Helen Peacock has studied the Principles of Feng Shui. With her associated knowledge, Helen is an ideal Western Feng Shui Consultant. She brings to you in very practical terms for you to understand the Feng Shui method to enhance you everyday living.
The returns are ten fold when you receive the guidance from Madame-Feng Shui
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