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Most of us spend over 70% of our time in our homes.
Reducing exposure to contaminants, such as mould, radon, and asbestos, inside the home is essential for improved health.
Thirty years of scientific product development, study of the causes of indoor environmental quality problems.Our homes are full of subtle energy, constantly moving, then it makes sense that the lay-out of our homes, the positioning of our furniture and other features, can effect how that energy flows.
The modern practice of Feng Shui is based on the premise that certain areas of your home impact specific aspects of your life. When the spaces in your home that govern your finances are cluttered, stagnant or missing from your floor plan, it can be difficult to attract and hold on to money. Poor Feng Shui can also lead to increased arguments and miscommunication, affect your reputation at work, and hinder your personal growth-all of which may contribute to financial difficulties.
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