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Feng Shui and Your Health
Helen Peacock, your Feng Shui Consultant /Practitioner will guide you in this area.
As with everything, there is always a combination of factors that lead to a certain outcome. It is certainly wise to do all that is within your control to improve the energy of your space and attract a healthy chi, and this can include the use of feng shui.
Feng Shui has many remedies, including Feng Shui enhancements for your health, fertility and cronic illness. Feng Shui is not intended to “heal” but to give the person guidance on how to view their environment and possible problems to their health. In Feng Shui, our home can be detrimental to our health or it can enhance health. Start with creating a good feng shui bedroom. It will be located in one of your 8 energy portals. Learn more about energy portals. please click here.
To learn more about your Feng Shui Consultation Session with Helen, please click here
feng shui and fertility
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